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Nov 26 – Nov 27, 2007

A Time for Burning

Dir. Barbara Connell, Bill Jersey 58 min Not Rated

1967 Lutheran Film Associates

Following the 7:15pm showtime on Tuesday, November 27, Film Streams will host a post-show discussion, moderated by Ben Gray, about the documentary and race relations in Omaha. Tickets available below.

In 1965, a year after the federal Civil Rights Act became law, Bill Jersey and Barbara Connell came to Omaha, commissioned by the film division of the national Lutheran church to make a documentary about the all-white Augustana Lutheran Church. Ernie Chambers appears prominently, younger, darker-haired, but otherwise pretty much unchanged. The year after the documentary was filmed Omaha experienced its race riots, and that fall A Time for Burning was broadcast on national public television. It is an amazing, moving film to watch today; I don’t quite understand why I didn’t see it 41 years ago. (Kurt Andersen)


Academy Award Nominee: Best Documentary

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