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Dec 6 – Dec 10, 2013

An Autumn Afternoon

Dir. Yasujirô Ozu Japan 112 min Not Rated

1962 Janus Films

Japanese with English subtitles

Alexander says: “When young filmmakers ask me for advice, I invariably say, ‘And watch as much Ozu as you can. He never made a bad film.’ This one was his very last.”

An aging widower arranges a marriage after he realizes it would be unfair to continue to rely on the grown daughter who looks after him.

“An Autumn Afternoon is not the director’s best-known film, nor is it the title that most of those familiar with his work would cite as his greatest achievement; both those particular superlatives would probably be best applied to Tokyo Story (1953). . . Still, in its exquisite refinement of Ozu’s style and themes, and its general air of nostalgia and loss, An Autumn Afternoon does in fact feel like a summation of his career—and it is, after all, his final masterpiece.” — Geoff Andrew

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