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Apr 30

Autism: The Musical

Dir. Tricia Regan USA 94 min Not Rated

2007 Cinedigm

A discussion with Elaine Hall, one of the subjects of AUTISM: THE MUSICAL, will follow this FREE screening presented with Autism Action Partnership. To provide a safe and accepting environment for all, this screening will be sensory-friendly, with lights turned up and sound turned down. A social story for the Film Streams experience is available here.

AUTISM: THE MUSICAL is a call to arms, bringing attention to a modern-day epidemic while celebrating the value of the human spirit in overcoming any challenge. The film introduces Neal, Lexi, Henry, Adam and Wyatt – five kids with autism who, along with their parents, take part in a groundbreaking theatrical workshop. The Miracle Project was started by Neal’s mother Elaine Hall with an eye toward helping children with autism express themselves while learning to socialize with other kids. Over the course of six months, we experience the frustrations, challenges and triumphs of the families both on stage and in their home lives as they prepare for the show. The creative process provides a key to unlocking the children’s inner worlds. We also see how patience, understanding, love and community can be used to help children with autism better adapt to the world at large.

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