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Mar 16 – Mar 22, 2012

Battleship Potemkin

Dir. Sergei Eisenstein Soviet Union 65 min Not Rated

1929 Kino International


For eight decades, Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 masterpiece has remained one of the most influential silent films of all time — yet each successive generation has seen BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN subjected to censorship and recutting, its unforgettable power diluted in unauthorized public domain editions from dubious sources. This all-new restoration — available for the first time in 35mm — restores dozens of missing shots, all 146 original title cards, and Edmund Meisel’s definitive 1926 score, returning the film to a form as close to its creator’s bold vision as has been seen since the film’s triumphant Moscow premiere. (Kino International)

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