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Jun 7

Jazz on a Summer’s Day

Dir. Bert Stern & Aram Avakian USA 85 min Not Rated

1960 Film Buff Films

Presented with Love’s Jazz and Arts Center. Pre-show music by Matt Wallace Fusion Force begins at 6:30 pm!

In 1958, celebrated photographer Bert Stern was inspired by a friend to “take some pictures” of the Newport Jazz Festival. Following a turn of events, Stern decided to produce a full-fledged motion picture. The resulting film contains some of the most remarkable scenes of live jazz ever brought to the screen. Although the principle emphasis of JAZZ ON A SUMMER’S DAY is on the performances of such legendary artists as Louis Armstrong, Chuck Berry, Mahalia Jackson and Thelonious Monk, Stern’s camera also fills us with illuminating images of America at its best. Whether it’s a bird’s eye view of the rich in their yachts or young lovers from Brooklyn on a tour of Newport’s picturesque streets and beaches, this is more than just a jazz film, it’s the film of an era.

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