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May 16

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Quote-along

Dir. Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones UK 91 min PG

1975 Rainbow Releasing

Following this one-time showing at the Ruth Sokolof Theater will be a discussion about transforming THE HOLY GRAIL into a stage production with cast members of the Omaha Community Playhouse’s “Spamalot,” including New York-based director Mark Robinson.

The first film from legendary British comedy troupe Monty Python, THE HOLY GRAIL endures as one of the most obsessed-over – and quotable – films of all time. Directors Terry Gilliam (BRAZIL, TIME BANDITS) and Terry Jones (MONTY PYTHON’S LIFE OF BRIAN) reined the manic genius of Python titans like John Cleese and Eric Idle into a chaotic retelling of the King Arthur legend, though this version has knights who say “Ni,” impolite French soldiers, a menacing bridge keeper with questions three, and an enchanter named Tim. The Knights of the Round Table never faced obstacles this antic or silly before, and here is the audience’s chance to join along. Actors from “Spamalot” – running at the Omaha Community Playhouse May 29 through June 28 – will lead the fun, encouraging attendees to call out their favorite quotes and sing along to classics like “Sir Robin’s Song” or “Camelot Song.”

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