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Feb 24

Of Many

Dir. Linda G. Mills 34 min Not Rated


Presented in collaboration with the Tri-Faith Initiative of Omaha, Nebraska, this special screening will be followed by a panel discussion.

Set against the dramatic backdrop of violence in the Middle East and the tension between Jewish and Muslim students on college campuses, OF MANY focuses on the surprising and transformative relationship between an orthodox rabbi and an imam who serve as university chaplains in New York City. Through a series of voyages to communities struck by catastrophe, we witness young religious Jews and Muslims working together and overcoming long-standing divides. Timely and humorous, this short documentary offers an inspiring and hopeful narrative in the face of a seemingly irreconcilable conflict.

Born out of a series of conversations stretching back to early 2010, The Of Many Institute for Multifaith Leadership (OM) was officially launched in January of 2012 by co-founders Chelsea Clinton, Khalid Latif, Linda Mills, and Yehuda Sarna. It was created in support of the remarkably large and diverse religious community of students at New York University (NYU) and in recognition of the growing commitment from students, faculty, and alumni seeking to build a world in which multifaith dialogue and work are fostered, respected, and supported. Working closely with students, the Of Many Institute concentrates on developing cross-cultural leadership experiences, by developing a multifaith space that creates harmonious relationships. The central focus of the project is not simply talking through the differences but building common experiences.

Following this one-time showing at the Ruth Sokolof Theater, 1340 Mike Fahey St., will be a panel discussion with leaders from the Tri-Faith Initiative and area students.

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