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Feb 15 – Feb 18, 2016

The Daughter of Dawn

Dir. Norbert A. Myles USA 80 min Not Rated

1920 Milestone Films

THE DAUGHTER OF DAWN, a large-scale production of Comanche and Kiowa life created by Norbert Myles and the Texas Film Company, disappeared for nearly a century after it screened twice in 1920. The story, played by an all-Native American cast of 300 Kiowas and Comanches, includes a romantic rivalry, buffalo hunts, a battle, village scenes, dances, deceit, courage, and hand-to-hand combat. The Native American actors, who in 1920 had been living on reservations for less than fifty years, brought with them their own tipis, horses, clothing, and material culture.

Charles “Boots” Kennedye, a documentary filmmaker with Vision Maker Media and a member of the Kiowa tribe of Oklahoma, will introduce each showing of THE DAUGHTER OF DAWN.

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