Julia Food Drive | Film Streams
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Be advised of sell outs due to lowered theater capacity. Advance tickets highly recommended for all showtimes.

In the spirit of Julia Child, share your abundance! Bring a food donation to any screening of Julia (opening Fri Nov 19 | Dundee) and receive a free popcorn.

This food drive benefits Together's Choice Food Pantry, where anyone experiencing food insecurity can pick out their own food. While all non-perishable food items are welcome, Together shared a handy list of priority foods based on current needs and their focus on nutritious, culturally appropriate food.

Beans & Legumes

• Black Beans (dry or canned)
• Pinto Beans (dry or canned)
• Refried Beans
• Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans
• Lentils

Spices & Herbs

• Cumin
• Garlic Powder
• Cinnamon
• Mexican Oregano (dried)
• Mint (dried)
• Taco Seasoning
• Chili Seasoning
• Whole Cloves
• Bay Leaves


• White Rice (bags)
• Corn Tortillas (shelf-stable)
• Corn (canned)
• White Hominy (canned or bags)
• Couscous


• La Costeña Pickled Jalapeños (jarred or canned)
• Nopalitos (tender cactus; jarred or canned)
• Dried Chiles
• Diced Tomatoes
• Pasta Sauce
• Dried Fruit
• Nuts (walnuts, pistachios, almonds)