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Moonrise Kingdom

Ten for Ten

Ruth Sokolof Jul 15 – Aug 17, 2017

How better to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Ruth Sokolof Theater than with an obsessive look back at the art that inspired us to open and helped our film community bloom?

We asked Film Streams staff and board members to pick their top ten from the more than 1,600 films that illuminated the screens of the Ruth Sokolof Theater during its first decade. The lists varied wildly, but what emerged was a series that champions some of the finest independent and foreign films released in the last ten years and one indelible classic. So please, join us once again for these essential, profound, and delightful movies.

On Saturday, July 29 Film Streams will welcome the public for a fun-filled day at the Ruth Sokolof Theater, including free popcorn, giveaways, and free screenings:

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