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New Releases Nov 23 – Dec 6, 2018


Sweden/Denmark 110 min R

2018 Ali Abbasi

Swedish with subtitles

At a ferry-port customs checkpoint, Tina (Eva Melander) is one of many polyester-uniformed guards standing watch. Short, with her features broadened and blunted by a congenital genetic condition, and one of many in her polyester uniform, she blends into near invisibility, a cog in the system. During the day, she keeps a close eye on travelers; off the job, she has a small place surrounded by primal forest and a normal life of family, friends and work right down to her ailing dad and her indifferent dog-trainer live-in boyfriend.

The only thing exceptional about Tina's work is how exceptional she is at it; in a way even she can't quite explain, Tina can literally smell guilt, fear and fury seeping off of some travelers, and her results speak for themselves. Mostly she detects booze-smugglers and other minor transgressors, but two separate travelers give off clouds of strange scent that give her reason to look closer: One is a suit-clad smoothie found to be carrying a cache of child pornography, the other is a smiling, swaggering rambler named Vore (Eero Milonoff) whose silent ways and familiar-strange features pull Tina closer. -- NEON

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