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School to Screen is a free program for teachers of grades 6-12 to integrate film into their curriculum. In addition to a free film screening, students are treated to a complimentary lunch, and post-show discussion with our Education Manager or a local subject expert. Our program is designed to meet state standards in Media Arts as well as in individual subject areas.

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Program Objectives

Our program teaches film literacy and critical thinking while expanding appreciation for film as an art form.

The Logistics

  • Screenings begin at 11am and are followed by a guided post-show discussion ending no later than 2pm.
  • Guided post-show discussions with Education Manager and community leaders allow students to critically engage the medium through the lens of art, subjectivity, culture, and representation.
  • Students and teachers are treated to a free, healthy lunch.
  • Teachers are given supplemental materials like discussion guides, worksheets, and activities for each film in the series to utilize in the classroom before and after their visit.

For more information about School to Screen, contact Film Streams Education Manager Paul Sanchez, at


Film Streams' School to Screen is supported by grants from the Heider Family Foundation, Cindy & Mogens Bay, the John W. Carson Foundation through the Nebraska Arts Council and Nebraska Cultural Endowment, Jamie & Ted Friedland, the Gifford Foundation, the Ike & Roz Friedman Foundation, and Martha & David Slosburg.

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