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📣Due to technical difficulties at the Ruth Sokolof Theater, we will be moving TODAY'S screening of PUSH to the Dundee theater at 6:00pm. 📣


11/29/2021: Thank you for your interest in our spaces. Due to our busy schedule of daily showtimes and our obligations to the distributors and studios who provide the films we show, all rentals are currently on hold.

Q: What happened to Private Screenings?

A: We were happy to offer our theaters at reduced rental rates during our closure due to COVID-19. Since we reopened to the public in May 2021, we have returned to a regular showtime schedule. Our agreements with film distributors (the companies that allow us to show movies) require that we obtain advance understanding to pre-empt any showtimes. This precludes most rentals of our theaters during afternoon and evening hours.

Are you a nonprofit organization interested in co-hosting a screening? Check out information on our Community Engagement Program.

Interested in rates for renting our venues for corporate events prior to daily showtimes? Depending on our busy schedule, we may be able to work something out. Inquire with