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Health & Safety Guidelines

Film Streams is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for all patrons, staff, and volunteers. Over the past few years, building improvements and adaptations at both the Dundee Theater and Ruth Sokolof Theater, including:

  • Installed MERV-13 air filters and in-duct air purification technology at both cinemas
  • Installed an entirely new HVAC system at the Ruth Sokolof Theater
  • Increased fresh-air intake/outdoor ventilation at both cinemas
  • Installed touchless faucets at Ruth Sokolof (already in place at Dundee)
  • Introduced touchless payment technology


Please let us know. As always, we want your experience at our cinemas to be positive and appreciate your consideration of all steps we are taking to reopen as safely and responsibly as possible.

Cinema Safe2

Film Streams is proud to meet or exceed the voluntary CinemaSafe guidelines established by the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO).