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Repertory Nov 2 – Nov 5, 2019

Camille Billops Double Feature

Suzanne, Suzanne & Finding Christa

Dir. Camille Billops 85 min

Third World Newsreel

Suzanne Suzanne1
Suzanne Suzanne2

Suzanne, Suzanne

1982 — USA — 30 min — 16mm   

Camille Billops turns the camera on her niece as she confronts a childhood of abuse and her spiral into addiction. A documentary short about a black middle-class family in crisis.

Finding Christa2

Finding Christa

1991 — USA — 55 min — 16mm 

In 1961, Camille Billops put her four-year-old daughter Christa up for adoption. Thirty years later, they both reflect on the decision in this striking documentary.

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