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Dec 5

Disney’s Alice Comedies

Dir. Walt Disney USA 60 min Not Rated

1923 Swank/Disney


Alices Wild West Show 7Large

Film Streams, the New Philharmonic, and the Omaha Symphony will present two showings of a collection of Disney’s Alice Comedies with live scores!

Starting in 1923, while still working at his Laugh-O-Gram Studio in Kansas City, legendary animator Walt Disney began producing pioneering silent shorts loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice character. Instead of falling into a rabbit hole, Disney’s Alice fell into the world of cartoons. Combining a live-action Alice, first played by Virginia Davis, with animated characters, including Julius the cat, the Alice Comedies were innovative works – and Disney’s first successes.

The New Philharmonic’s Vimbayi Kaziboni will conduct musicians from the Omaha Symphony as they perform scores for three of the shorts, all written by German composer Paul Dessau. Omaha-based pianist Dan McCarthy will perform original, solo pieces for two films.

The program will last approximately one hour and will include:

Alice and the Fire Fighter 1926Capsule-AliceAndTheFireFigh
Directed by Walt Disney.

Hijinks and follies ensue as Alice and Julius the cat attempt to extinguish a blaze at a hotel. 9 minutes.

Orchestral score.

Alice’s Wonderland 1923Capsule-AlicesWonderland
Directed by Walt Disney.

Alice visits the animation studio of a kindly Mr. Disney, where cartoons burst to life off the page. That night, the girl dreams that she’s entered the animated world. 8 minutes.

Solo piano score written and performed by Dan McCarthy.

Alice Helps the Romance 1926Capsule-AliceHelpsTheRomanc
Directed by Walt Disney.

Alice tries to help unlucky-in-love Julius when a rival woos his girlfriend. 8 minutes.

Orchestral score.

Alice’s Wild West Show 1924

Directed by Walt Disney.Capsule-WildWestShow

Alice puts on a western showcase for her neighborhood playmates, introducing them to some of
her far-out animated friends. 12 minutes.

Solo piano score written and performed by Dan McCarthy.

Alice in the Wooly West 1926
Directed by Walt Disney.Capsule-WoolyWest

A villainous bear and his gang hold up a stagecoach. They discover Alice onboard and kidnap her. It’s Julius the cat to the rescue! 7 minutes.

Orchestral score.

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