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Dir. Tony Zierra USA 94 min Not Rated

2017 Kino Lorber

On the brink of a successful acting career,  Leon Vitali stepped back from the limelight in order to become the right-hand man to perhaps the most influential and ground-breaking filmmaker of his time, Stanley Kubrick. Vitali played a crucial part in the director's career, working tirelessly in close collaboration with Kubrick in helping to make and maintain his extraordinary legacy of work.

Vitali's unique working relationship with Kubrick is explored through anecdotes about his candid, funny (and sometimes shocking) experiences with the director, enhanced with a rich variety of previously-unseen archival materials including photos, videos, letters and notebooks from Vitali's personal collection, and brought together through interviews with actors, family, and key film industry professionals who worked with both Kubrick and Vitali. Directed by Tony Zierra, this documentary offers profound insight in to the creative process behind Kubrick's timeless art, as seen through the unique perspective of perhaps his closest and most dedicated collaborator, Leon Vitali, who once described his own occupation simply as "Filmworker".

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