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Cinemateca Sept 14


In Portuguese with English subtitles

Dir. Wagner Moura Brazil 155 min

2021 ArtMattan Productions

Synopsis of Marighella

1969. Marighella had no time for fear. On the one hand, a violent military dictatorship. On the other, an intimidated left. Alongside, revolutionaries 30 years younger than him and willing to fight, the revolutionary leader opted for action. In Wagner Moura's "Marighella," Brazil's number one enemy attempts to articulate a resistance, all the while ousting the heinous crimes of torture and the infamous censorship instituted by the oppressive regime. In a radical face-off, he fights for a people whose support is uncertain - all the while trying to keep the promise of reuniting with his son - who he distanced himself from in order to protect.

Cinemateca Biennial Film Series

Discover the richness of Latino, Latin American, and Spanish cinema with the Cinemateca Biennial Film Series, a captivating presentation by Film Streams and UNO's Office of Latino/Latin American Studies.

Pre-Screening Reception

Join us at 6:00 PM before the film for a tasty reception with mouthwatering pre-film appetizers provided by Las Chilenas, a Latina-owned restaurant.

Post-Screening Discussion

After the screening, dive into a lively post-screening discussion led by Dr. Brett Kyle, Political Science, Associate Professor and OLLAS faculty and moderated by Dr. Laura Walls, Foreign Languages and Literature, Assistant Professor and OLLAS faculty.

About the Panelists

Dr. Brett J. Kyle is an Associate Professor of Political Science and a faculty member in the Office of Latino/Latin American Studies (OLLAS) and Goldstein Center for Human Rights (GCHR) at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. His teaching and research focus on Latin American politics, democracy, legacies of authoritarianism, and civil-military relations.

Dr. Laura Walls is an associate professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She teaches courses in composition, bilingualism, sociolinguistics, and heritage language pedagogy. She also developed the Spanish heritage language series at her university. Dr. Walls’ scholarship bridges the fields of sociolinguistics, second language acquisition, and heritage language pedagogy.

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