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New Releases Mar 2 – Mar 15, 2018 Now showing in Dundee Linder Microcinema

Miss Kiet's Children

Dir. Petra Lataster-Czisch & Peter Lataster Netherlands 113 min Not Rated

2017 Icarus Films

In Dutch & Arabic with English subtitles

Kiet Engels is the kind of teacher one wishes every schoolchild could have. She is strict but never harsh. She is loving but never soft. Her patience in endless.

Many of Miss Kiet's pupils are refugees who have just arrived in Holland. Everything is new and confusing. Some are quarrelsome and headstrong. But Miss Kiet's firm but loving hand brings calm and awakens interest. She not only teaches her pupils to read and write Dutch, but also helps them learn to solve problems together and respect one another. Slowly the children gain skills and confidence. -- Icarus Films

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