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Serge Bromberg: Retour de Flamme

120 min

Voyage Dans La Lune 19

Renowned Paris-based film collector and pianist Serge Bromberg has been called “an international cinema crusader” for his efforts to archive and preserve some of the medium’s most precious artifacts. Film Streams will welcome the celebrated preservationist to the Ruth Sokolof Theater for a lively program featuring silent short films — all restored through his efforts — presented with live improvised musical accompaniment and the entertaining anecdotes behind their rescue.

The program will include the Georges Méliès visual effects landmarks A JOURNEY TO THE MOON and ROBINSON CRUSOE (both form 1902) and the Laurel and Hardy slapstick comedies THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY and DETAINED. Bromberg will also prepare a few surprises from his vault. 

Serge Brombergc Patrice Sterraz Hd

About Serge Bromberg

Under the Lobster Film imprint, Serge Bromberg and Eric Lange have rescued cinema relics since 1985. They search all over the world for treasures forgotten in barns, cellars and lofts of private people in order to restore them. They have thus built up a collection, the Lobster collection, which has now 100,000 reels making up an inestimable heritage. As they go on finding and preserving these jewels, our two collectors also and above all want to have them watched. This is why since 1992 they have regularly organized a show called “ Retour de Flamme,” in which everyone can discover the duo’s latest findings.

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