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Forever Young Nov 3 – Nov 15, 2018

Sherlock Jr.

Dir. Buster Keaton USA 44 min Not Rated


Sherlock Jr1

"Keaton's third feature under his own steam is an incredible technical accomplishment, but also an almost Pirandellian exploration of the nature of cinematic reality. Buster plays a cinema projectionist, framed for theft by a jealous rival for his girl's hand, who daydreams himself into life as a daring detective. In an unforgettable sequence, Buster (actually fallen asleep beside the projector) forces his way onto the screen and into the movie he is projecting, only to find himself beset by perils and predicaments as the action around him changes in rapid montage… It leaves Chaplin standing." - Tom Milne, Time Out

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Showing Nov 2 – Nov 8, 2018 in the Dundee Theater Linder Microcinema

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