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Forever Young Jun 15 – Jun 27, 2019

Small Change

Dir. Francois Truffaut France 104 min PG

1976 Film Desk


A towering luminary of French cinema created this lovely film about the perils of growing up, leaving us with the lesson that every child deserves to be loved. 

"This moment, like so many in Truffaut's magical film, has to be seen to be appreciated. He recreates childhood, and yet he sees it objectively, too: He remembers not only the funny moments but the painful ones. The agony of a first crush. The ordeal of being the only kid in class so poor he has to wear the same sweater every day. The painful earnestness that goes into the recitation of a dirty joke that neither the teller nor the listeners quite understand." — Roger Ebert, 1976

“Children – so long, so sentimentally, so horrendously, and so profitably exploited by movies as inadequate, miniature imitations of adults – are rediscovered, their lost language intact, in Francois Truffaut’s Small Change, the lilting, marvelously funny and wise recreation of childhood.” — Vincent Canby, New York Times, 1976

"Do kids in French villages really run to school in packs?"  Wes Anderson

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