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New Releases Apr 19 – May 2, 2019

Teen Spirit

Dir. Max Minghella UK/USA 92 min PG-13

2019 Bleecker Street

With his stylish directorial debut, Max Minghella creates a modern fairytale — scored to a lush, pop soundtrack — about a quiet 17-year-old girl who finds the support and self-confidence she needs to step into her own power.

Violet (Fanning) lives with her Polish-immigrant mother (Grochowska) on the brink of poverty in a small village on the Isle of Wight. Whenever she can, she sneaks off to perform at a dingy pub to a thin audience of deadbeats. It’s there that she catches the attention of Vlad (Buric), a down-on-his-luck, boozed-up former opera star who now lacks purpose in life.

When a national singing competition comes to town to hold auditions, Vlad becomes Violet’s unlikely mentor and manager, accompanying her on a journey that takes the young singer all the way to the glamorous Teen Spirit finals in London. Along the way, Violet learns about singing, about loyalty and about the kind of resilience it takes to find success. — Bleecker Street

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