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New Release Feb 9 – Feb 22, 2024 Reel Talk: Thursday, Feb 22 @ 6:30 pm

The Teachers' Lounge

Dir. Ilker Çatak Germany 94 min PG-13

2024 Sony Pictures Classics

About the Film

Carla Nowak, a dedicated sports and math teacher, starts her first job at a high school. She stands out among the new staff because of her idealism. When a series of thefts occur at the school, and one of her students is suspected, she decides to get to the bottom of the matter on her own. Carla tries to mediate between outraged parents, opinionated colleagues, and aggressive students but is relentlessly confronted with the structures of the school system. The more desperately she tries to do everything right, the more the young teacher threatens to break.

The Reviews Are In

"The Teachers’ Lounge is a pulse-pounding exploration of the ways we draw lines between enemies and friends, and the courage it takes to blur them."

Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter

"The Teachers’ Lounge is a hard-hitting observation of the human power play and how it dredges out the divides and sharpens the fault lines even in a close and seemingly well-knit community."

Namrata Joshi, The New Indian Express

Film Stills

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