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UmoNhoN Iye

The Omaha Speaking

Dir. Brigitte Timmerman USA 67 min


Free, Filmmaker Screening

In addition to Omaha-based filmmaker Brigitte Timmerman, post-show discussion will include Glenna Slater (language instructor, Nebraska Indian Community College) and Vida Stabler (Language and Cultural Center director, UmoNhoN Nation Public School).

Film Information

Only a handful of fluent speakers of the language of the Omaha Tribe remain. Omaha-based filmmaker Brigitte Timmerman set out to document these guardians of the Omaha language, a group of elders movingly profiled in UmoNhoN Iye. In a series of vignettes, they reflect on growing up speaking their native tongue, the efforts taken by outsiders to erase it out, and why it is so important to preserve it. The film also features a dedicated group of educators working to keep their language alive.

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