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Our free Virtual Daytime Education Program provides increased accessibility and opportunities for teachers to integrate film into their curriculum. All videos will be released at the end of the scheduled month, unless otherwise noted.

August: How Protest Films Activate our Empathy

This video examines American protest and social movements in film using an empathetic lens.

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September: Election: Films that Affect Choice

This video will look at how film portrays elections and the candidates running for office.

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November: Indigenous Representation in Latinx Film

Examines narratives that represent Indigenous voices, their relationship to colonization, and explore the cultural context in Latin America.

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January: Narrative in Film: How the Story is Re-Told

This video will examine narrative choices filmmakers use when telling stories that have already been authored.

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January: Impact: French Colonialism and African Film

Discussion will center around the lasting implications and complexities of colonization in colonial and post-colonial African countries.

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February: Animation: Style that has Meaning

This video will look at how artistic style influences and adds meaning to film in various ways.

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March: How Environmental Films Urge our Agency

This video will feature various cultural contexts and how environment plays a part in those spaces.

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June: The Psychology of Happiness in Film

Using psychological theory, this video will look at extremely happy characters and the filmic worlds they live in.

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Film Streams’ Virtual Daytime Education Program is a free program for teachers to integrate film into their curriculum. Film Streams is introducing a slate of themed videos to use in your classroom. Videos are targeted for various subject areas and grade levels. Videos are thematic and discuss multiple films to strengthen a comprehensive understanding of a core theme or concept.

Our program is designed to meet state standards in Media Arts as well as in individual subject areas.

Questions? Contact Education Coordinator, Paul Sanchez at


Film Streams' Daytime Education Program is supported by the Heider Family Foundation, Cindy & Mogens Bay, the John W. Carson Foundation through the Nebraska Arts Council and Nebraska Cultural Endowment, Jamie & Ted Friedland, the Gifford Foundation, the Ike & Roz Friedman Foundation, and Martha & David Slosburg.