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Dec 8 – Dec 24, 2023


Dir. William Oldroyd USA 96 min R

2023 NEON

Open Caption Screenings*

For Deaf and Hard of Hearing

*Screenings that feature on-screen text captions that display the spoken dialogue, sound effects, and other relevant audio information for the audience to read.


      Eileen is a peculiar young woman -- aloof and unfazed by the gloomy nature of her job at the local youth prison. But something in her changes the day that the new counsellor, Dr. Rebecca St. John arrives. She is instantly captivated by Rebecca's glamorous, enigmatic presence. As the two women grow closer, Eileen is inspired to explore new facets of her own personality and desires. But her metamorphosis takes a twisted turn when Rebecca reveals a dark secret -- throwing Eileen onto a much more sinister path. Based on the debut novel from Ottessa Moshfegh, Eileen honors its source material with a twisty tale of obsession.

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