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Mar 3 – Mar 9, 2017


Dir. Pablo Larraín Chile/Argentina/Spain/France/USA 107 min R

2016 The Orchard

In Spanish & French with English subtitles

One week only!

It’s 1948 and the Cold War gets to Chile. At the Congress, Senator Pablo Neruda criticizes the Government and the President asks for the removal of his parliamentary immunity. He lays his detention in the hands of tough Research Police prefect, Óscar Peluchonneau.

Neruda and his wife, painter Delia del Carril, try to leave the country, but they fail to do so. Peluchonneau follows their steps closely. Their only solution is to go underground.

Pablo Neruda is now a poet turned into a weapon. He writes Canto General and makes secret night excursions. The legend of the poet chased by Peluchonneau spreads and in Europe the artists, led by Pablo Picasso, call for his freedom.

Peluchonneau is on his heels and breathes his breath. Hunter and prey fuse together. Neruda uses him to reinvent himself. The persecution will turn him into a symbol of freedom and a literary legend.  However, this will not be easy, because the prefect will not give up and will follow Neruda until the end of the world. — AZ Films


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