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Dir. Kevin Isaacson USA 9 min

Pre Existing5

2022 Film Streams Local Filmmakers Showcase
Directed by Kevin Isaacson (Fertile, IA)

A concerned husband seeks to buy a life insurance policy for his wife but her current condition is making it very difficult.

Judge's Statement
The subjectivity of comedy makes it a genre that’s easy to miss from the basis of writing. Once you layer on performances, editing, direction, and funding it becomes a miracle that any comedy films are even made, let alone succeed. “Pre-Existing” is one of those miracles that manages to hit on all cylinders with an excellent rhythm of jokes, performers who nail their roles in the scene and their deliveries, all wrapped in an easy to follow premise that gives room to the humor. The stars aligned giving us this zombie comedy and we’re all the better for it! — Kenneth Laster, Programming Assistant

Headshot Kevin Isaacson

About the filmmaker

Although Kevin Isaacson had been writing for years, he directed his first short film, "Oliver Short," in 2017. He went on to write and direct a feature film called "Run" and seven short films which includes his new film, "Pre-Existing." Kevin lists Quentin Tarantino, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, and Guy Ritchie as influences but he's also influenced by the comedy of "The Office," "Big Bang Theory," "King of the Hill," and "Monty Python" which is prevalent in the stylings of "Pre-Existing."

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