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Repertory May 12 – May 17, 2018

The Tale of Zatoichi

Dir. Kenji Misumi Japan 96 min

1962 Janus Films

Japanese with subtitles

Tale Of Zatoichi1

The epic saga of Zatoichi begins. As tensions mount between rival yakuza clans, one boss hires a formidable but ailing ronin as his clan’s muscle—while the other employs a humble, moral blind masseur named Ichi. With its lightning-fast swordplay, sleight-of-hand dice games, and codes of honor upheld and betrayed, this first chapter sets the stage for all the Zatoichi adventures to come. And Shintaro Katsu brings author Kan Shimozawa’s blind swordsman to vivid life, making the character excitingly, indelibly his own. -- Janus Films

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