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Repertory Pride Week Series 2024 LGBTQIA2S+ Jun 7-12 Winner of the Best Feature Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival

The Way He Looks

Dir. Daniel Ribeiro Brazil 96 min Not Rated

2014 Strand Releasing

In Portuguese with English Subtitles

Daniel Ribeiro's coming of age tale, The Way He Looks is is the rare coming-of-age film that touches on the experiences of LGBTQ youth living with disabilities. Ghilherme Lobo is Leonardo, a visually impaired teenager feeling overprotected by all of those around him. At home, his mother won’t let him do things by himself, or even be alone. At school, his best friend, Giovana, leaves no room for him to stand up for himself. On top of all that, he’s worried about whether he’ll ever be able to have romantic relationships. Enter Gabriel, a new student in town. Leonardo gravitates towards Gabriel, excited to be friends with someone who acts differently from everyone else. Meanwhile, Giovana has to balance her infatuation with the new kid and the jealousy she feels for sharing her old friend. Glimpsing a possible way to independence in this unfamiliar and yet comforting new friendship, Leonardo changes the way he looks at himself and experiences the blossoming of new and intense feelings towards Gabriel.

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