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'90s Noir

Feb 15 – Apr 1, 2020

In written histories of the film noir, the 1990s have been largely overlooked. Yet this decade was marked by an explosion in the genre that transformed the American film industry. In both independent and mainstream cinema, the language of noir was deployed with a distinctly contemporary spin: femme fatales wore pant suits, hardboiled detectives searched computers, race riots pervaded cities, and MTV drama turned deadly. At times, these films represented the worst of our culture — our cruelest and most exploitative tendencies. At other times, they represented the best — our respect for tradition and willingness to challenge it.

This series commemorates all that noir contributed to the ‘90s, recognizing a wide array of culturally and artistically significant films. Kicking off the series is one of the decade’s most iconic works, Quentin Tarantino’s PULP FICTION, followed by six weeks devoted to various noir types: comedic noir, buddy noir, black noir, teen noir, queer noir, and sci-fi/horror noir. Acclaimed filmmakers, including the Coen Brothers, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Kathryn Bigelow, are featured throughout.

'90s Noir is supported by Omaha Steaks and Sam Walker.

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