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Kathryn Bigelow Series

Ruth Sokolof Mar 24 – Mar 30, 2023 Point Break | Strange Days | The Hurt Locker

Of the three women to win Best Director at The Academy Awards, the first was Kathryn Bigelow. Thwarting the long-held assumption that women can’t direct popular action films, Bigelow’s work showcases excellence in execution in so-called ‘male fare’ while bringing in a visual style of her own. Often rankled at criticisms of her films’ violent topics, Bigelow notes that unpacking why people do violent acts requires portraying those acts on screen. “If there’s specific resistance to women making movies, I choose to ignore it for two reasons: I can’t change my gender, and I refuse to stop making movies.”

Point Break

After a string of bizarre bank robberies in Southern California, with the crooks donning masks of various former presidents, a federal agent, Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves), infiltrates the suspected gang.

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Strange Days

Former policeman Lenny Nero (Ralph Fiennes) has moved into a more lucrative trade: the illegal sale of virtual reality-like recordings that allow users to experience the emotions and past experiences of others.

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The Hurt Locker

Staff Sgt. William James (Jeremy Renner), Sgt. J.T. Sanborn (Anthony Mackie) and Specialist Owen Eldridge (Brian Geraghty) are members of a bomb-disposal unit in Baghdad. As their tour of duty enters its final weeks, the men face a set of increasingly hazardous situations, any of which could end their lives in an explosive instant.

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