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Collaborations & Events Apr 26 Director Musa Syeed In Person

A Stray

Dir. Musa Syeed 82 min



Presented with UNO Islamic Studies Program

Writer-director Musa Syeed (co-writer of 2017’s Menashe) will join us for a post-show Q&A.

Set in Minneapolis’ large Somali refugee community, A STRAY follows Adan, a Somali refugee with nowhere to go. His mom kicked him out, and his friends are tired of his headstrong ways. As a last resort, he moves into the mosque, praying for a little help. Surprisingly, God seems to answer. Adan quickly lands a good job, devout friends, and a newfound faith. When Adan nearly hits a stray dog on the job, he’s forced to take it in for a night. But one of his new mosque friends considers the dog impure, and he throws Adan out. With Adan back on the streets, surrounded by his old crew, ex-girlfriends, prying FBI agents, and his estranged family, the dog may be his only friend as he tries to keep his faith and get through the night.

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