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NYICFF Kids Flicks 2020: Program Two

66 min


Virtual release

With our cinemas temporarily closed, we're pleased to bring NYICFF Kids Flicks: Program Two into your home through Film Streams @Home. A portion of your digital ticket sale supports Film Streams. Having issues? Visit our FAQ.

As a Thanksgiving treat, we're offering three programs of Kids Flicks for free. Use code KidsFlicksOnUs.

Film Information

Challenging expectations and reflecting growth and resilience, NYICFF Kid Flicks Two is a fantastic trip on the road to growing up. Surprises in a dumpling bring good luck, and many reflections, in the beautiful stop motion animation The Coin. In The One You Never Forget, a young teen tries to keep his first date under wraps, but his parents have other ideas. In Home Away 3000, a space traveller’s funky space van konks out on an unknown planet with plenty of surprises.

A program of inspiring short films for ages 8+! In English and other languages with English subtitles.

Film Streams' Family & Children's programming is supported by Frontier Bank.

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