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Peter Becker and Alexander Payne in Conversation

90 min

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Criterion Collection President Peter Becker joins close friend Alexander Payne at the Dundee Theater for an enlightening conversation about their mutual love of movies and the need to preserve cinema history.

Few institutions have contributed as much to film culture in the United States as the Criterion Collection and its partner company, Janus Films. Under the leadership of partners Becker and Jonathan Turell, Criterion grew from a boutique outfit issuing laserdiscs in the 1980s to the preeminent DVD/Blu-ray label for foreign, classic, and independent films in North America.

The event complements A Salute to Janus Films & The Criterion Collection (Apr 14 - Jun 20), an overflowing series curated by Payne, a renowned film afficianado in addition to an Oscar-winning filmmaker and Film Streams Board Member. The tribute includes time-honored classics (including Au revoir les enfants, Wages of Fear, and Throne of Blood) and newer international masterpieces (Yi Yi, Babette’s Feast, Ratcatcher), a testament to Criterion and Janus’ efforts to champion the best of world cinema old and new.

A Salute to Janus Films & The Criterion Collection is supported by Sam Walker. Film Streams’ repertory programming is sponsored by Omaha Steaks.

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