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Deep Dive | A Portrait of the Artist

A Portrait of the Artist

Sat Sep 24, 10 am to 1 pm | Dundee Micro

How do filmmakers reveal a picture of themselves in their films? This Deep Dive will examine how filmmakers like Maya Deren, Jonas Mekas, Agnes Varda, Chantal Akerman, Derek Jarman, Jafar Panahi, and others use filmmaking as a tool of self-reflection and revelation as they navigate the limits and potentialities of the cinematic image in relation to memory, truth, and storytelling. Engaging with specific works, the class will discuss how, as each relate to the potentiality of film as a form of memoir, there emerges, somewhere between intention and chance, the self-drawn image of the artist. Following this thread, we will seek out to understand particular films not only as self-made portraits of these artists, but also as expressions of a creative drive that invites us to question our assumptions about subjectivity, meaning-making, self-representation, and the specificity of the cinematic form. Facilitated by Film Streams Community Programming Manager Bilgesu Sisman.

$30 General
$25 Student/Teacher/Senior/Military
$20 Film Streams Members