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Story Of Floating Weeds
Iwas Born But

Great Directors: Yasujiro Ozu

Apr 21 – Jun 27, 2019
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Omaha Steaks

This series is supported by Sam Walker. Film Streams’ repertory programming is supported by Omaha Steaks.

In a career that stretched from the silent era to the dizzying time of progress that visited Japan after World War II, Yasujiro Ozu crafted no fewer than ten films now considered masterpieces. He is perhaps best known for sympathetic portraits of youngsters yearning for independence and elders cast aside by impatient modernizers — often with stars Chishu Ryu and Setsuko Hara.

Though his great subject was Japanese domestic life, Ozu’s films addressed infinitely relatable themes of loneliness, intergenerational tension, and the simple beauty of the everyday.

Silents in Concert

The series will include two silent film with live accompaniment: Ozu’s 1933 noir Dragnet Girl with a live score by Coupler (who are touring around the country with the film) and the delightful I Was Born, But... with Omaha-based pianist Dan McCarthy.

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