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Bite Me: Generation X on Film

Saturdays, Oct 12 – Nov 9, 10 am to 1 pm | Dundee Micro

In this five-week Course we delve into the films, music videos, and television shows of the late 80s and early 90s to investigate what defines a generation and a genre. Watching films by directors like Richard Linklater and John Singleton, and with stars like Christian Slater and Claire Danes, we trace the origins of Generation X and look at how the political ideologies and economic pressures faced by young Americans made their way into popular culture. Additionally, we look at how the Gen X aesthetic — sarcastic, rebellious, and deeply dissatisfied with the banality of life — defined a cycle of films that changed the landscape of independent and mainstream cinema.

  • $125 General
  • $100 Student/Teacher/Senior/Military
  • $75 Film Streams Members

Includes course materials and snacks

Course Syllabus
Reality Bites3

Reality Bites


Before Sunrise3

Before Sunrise


Pump Up The Volume

Pump Up the Volume


Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice