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Be advised of sell outs due to lowered theater capacity. Advance tickets highly recommended for all showtimes.

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Central Do Brasil 1
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Cinemateca 2010

Ruth Sokolof Aug 27 – Sept 30, 2010

Writing about our first biennial Cinemateca series in 2008, OLLAS faculty member Steven Torres described the “transportive power of cinema” — a power allowing some to “reach beyond their own cultures” and others to “reconnect with their own cultural heritage on the big screen.” Those ideals are all the more amplified in Cinemateca 2010. Over the course of this five-week series, we’ll travel to eight difference countries (Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Spain, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, and Brazil) and experience more than 40 years of cultural, political, and cinematic history along the way—from the jaw-dropping photography and general bravura of MEMORIAS DEL SUBDESARROLLO (Cuba, 1964) to the heart-wrenching narrative and immediate relevance of SIN NOMBRE (Mexico, 2009).  Join us each Tuesday throughout the series for a special screening and post-show discussion led by OLLAS faculty members. For a full calendar of films, dates, and speakers, see the reverse side of this newsletter.

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