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Advance tickets are highly recommended for all showings of Three Identical Strangers playing in the Dundee Linder Microcinema

Series Midnights S18
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Midnight Movies Spring 2018

Dundee Apr 27 – Jun 29, 2018
Sponsored by
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Verhoeven's Future

Join us this Spring for Midnight Movies, sponsored by Legend Comics & Coffee, at the Dundee Theater and experience a singular view of the future. 

For this quarter, Andy Helmkamp — House Manager at the Dundee Theater, editor at the film site Bloody Good Horror, and your guide for Midnights — selected three works by Paul Verhoeven. 

“After years of working in television and flirting with that line between European art film and trash cinema, Paul Verhoeven embarked on a decidedly commercial Hollywood trajectory,” Andy says. “What came from this journey are some of the most unique, era-defining genre films.”

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