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Head Case: The Genius of Paul Giamatti

Jul 20 – Sept 4, 2019
Supported by Omaha Steaks
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“[Following] the smashing success of Sideways, playing a head case who had issues with merlot and just about everything else, Mr. Giamatti has become the kind of actor whom directors rely on, if not to open a movie, then to bring it home.” — David Carr, The New York Times

Paul Giamatti, our special guest for Feature VIII, has earned a reputation as an unparalleled portrayer of tormented everymen who can make each performance sympathetic, warm, real. Fantastic in lead roles — as wounded, wine-addled writer Miles Raymond in Sideways or misanthropic comic book writer Harvey Pekar in American Splendor — or in attention-grabbing supporting performances — 12 Years a Slave, Cinderella Man, Private Parts, the list goes on and on — Giamatti has cemented himself as one of the most distinctive and dependably excellent actors of his generation. This series, handpicked my Mr. Giamatti, features many of his best-known performances, as well as a few picks that inspired him along the way (The Thing, Barry Lyndon, Kind Hearts and Coronets).

Feature VIII: Paul Giamatti in Conversation with Alexander Payne

Sun, Aug 25, 7 pm | Holland Performing Arts Center

Our latest fundraising gala in support of our nonprofit’s mission and programs will reunite acclaimed actor Paul Giamatti and Film Streams Board Member Alexander Payne on the 15th anniversary of Sideways, their Academy Award-winning collaboration. The centerpiece of the evening will be an onstage conversation about Mr. Giamatti’s prolific career in film and television, and his perspective on the art and industry. A post-party celebration will follow.

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