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The North entrance to the Dundee Theater is temporarily closed for construction. An accessible entrance is available on the East end of the building, and an entrance with stairs is located on Dodge St.

Donnie Darko
Rocky Horror2
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Midnight Movies

Dundee Jul 26 – Sept 27, 2019
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Midnight Movies at the Dundee Theater are generously supported by Legend Comics & Coffee

Back to School | Summer 2019

Stay up late with us for a trio of cult films that prove that teen spirit stinks. Hosted by Carol RedWing.

Ghost World

Fri Jul 26 | Dundee

Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson are inseparable weirdos until the events of the chaotic summer after graduation exposes cracks in their friendship. Boasts the feature film debut of Blues Hammer.

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Battle Royale

Fri Aug 30 | Dundee

Japan, the future: Society is collapsing and, even worse, the kids are out of control! To handle it, a ninth-grade class is selected every year to battle to the death. You know, as an example.

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Donnie Darko

Fri Sep 27 | Dundee

The trippy broodfest that gave us Jake Gyllenhaal is essential suburban doom and gloom. Love will tear us apart.

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